Sales programmers and sales promotion activities. The following are the important functions of a sales organisation: 1. 9. 8. ... MCQ Examination is a computer-administered fully integrated multi-choice question examination delivered in one 3.5-hour session in examination centres worldwide. E. Nasir. B. Sales Organization | Definition | Meaning | Importance | Need | Functions, Trade Associations | Definition | Features | Functions | Advantages, Total Promotion Budget | Methods of determining budget for promotional expenditure, Social Responsibility of Business | Meaning | Need, Advantages and disadvantages of pool organizations, Chambers of Commerce | Need | Functions | Benefits, Sales Promotion Programs | Consumers Promotion | Dealers Promotion, Weaknesses of Trade Union Movement in India and Suggestion to Strengthen, Audit Planning & Developing an Active Audit Plan – Considerations, Advantages, Good and evil effects of Inflation on Economy, Vouching of Cash Receipts | General Guidelines to Auditors, Audit of Clubs, Hotels & Cinemas in India | Guidelines to Auditors, Depreciation – Meaning, Characteristics, Causes, Objectives, Factors Affecting Depreciation Calculation, Inequality of Income – Causes, Evils or Consequences, Accountlearning | Contents for Management Studies |. 9. Download with Google Download with Facebook. a. Caveat Emptor b. So, every business undertaking must have an efficient sales organization for selling its products. or. All sets are usefull in the preparation of subject tests for employment or admission. The grouping of activities into positions and the charting of relationships of positions causes the organization to take on structural form. Let the buyer beware c. Caution buyer d. None of the above (Ans: d) 28. READ PAPER. It is the reason the organization exists. Adoption of a selfishly sound but defensible sales policy. Keeping enough stock by looking at the future demand. As such it ensures maximum efficiency and profitability without losing consumer service and satisfaction. 2. For example, some products or services require face-to-face interaction between a member of a sales team and a consumer to achieve a sale. To handle the orders promptly i.e., from the stages of enquiry to order at full satisfaction to consumers. 8 Full PDFs related to this paper. C. Making viable the concept for which the organisation was founded. Get ready to boost your online profile take Vskills Sales Organization MCQ and increase your chances for better opportunities. These Marketing MCQs are equally useful for students for MBA, … 15. In responsibility accounting, a centers performance is measured by controllable costs. Nevertheless, the practical usage of CRM tools crosses out any abstractedness. “Sales are the life blood of business”. What is the purpose of a market tracking study? 5. 5. if you look at, the importance of sales management is rising day by the day. It provides organisations with a clearer sense of direction and purpose . A sales organization performs a number of functions. 7. Report a Violation, Sales Organisation: it’s Meaning, Objects and Other Details. Sales organisation establishes a link between the producers and consumers. 6. C) define the operational structure of the organization. “Organisation is the form of every human association for the attainment of common purpose.” Louis A. Allen: “Organisation is the process of identifying and grouping the works to be performed, defining and delegating responsibility and authority and establishing relation­ship for the purpose of enabling people to work more effectively together in accomplishing objectives.” 27. What is the Purpose of Organizational Structure?. It has to undertake product planning i.e., decide about the package, brand and trademarks, etc. Similarly the sales strengthen the organisation. So, there arises the need for an efficient sales organization. b ADVERTISEMENTS: 2. Forms of Business Organisation NCERT Solution MCQ Answer. c. strategy formulation . It also provides vehicle through which these decisions are implemented. Create a free account to download. b. the total organisation . _____ is the application form to be filled by the candidate when he goes for recruitment process in the organisation. Overall, the sales and profit results were satisfactory, but the executives noted what they thought was a problem in two Louise Shannon was the rep, and the other was in Chicago, which was Henry Sadowski‟s territory. Efficient. d. strategy implementation. In case of small firms, the proprietor does this exercise himself or with the help of a few salesmen under his direct supervision and control, and so, the need for sales organization does not arise. _____ is an objective assessment of an individual's performance against well-defined benchmarks. If sound practices are followed in setting up the sales department, the resulting structure takes on features of one or more of four basic types of sales organization : line, line and staff, functional, and committee. But when the firm or the business itself expands, because of extension of markets, production in large-scale, competitive market etc., the need for a sales organisation is felt. 12. In every organization, the training is the main source for the enhancement of newbies (i.e., new individuals who work in an organization). Collection of dues is also important. And here’s the ulti… If the initial purpose for which the organisation was established is achieved, there can be additions/deletions in the existing objectives so that organisation continues to operate. The sales management represents one of the most important functional areas of business management, and all the principles of general management such as planning, organizing, directing, motivating, and controlling are applied to sales management too for securing better business performance, viz., reasonable profits through sales. ... MCQ Examination is a computer-administered fully integrated multi-choice question examination delivered in one 3.5-hour session in examination centres worldwide. So, the real purpose of a sales process is to give salespeople, their managers, and the business a means of learning and improving. Prohibited Content 3. In some homes the head of the household and all its members are vitally concerned about religion, politics or some other interest—the occupations of the individual members being only of minor interest. Study of statistical records and returns. To move the products from the factory to the consumers, the sales organisation is necessary— demand creation. The Purpose of Sales. The purpose of a sales organization includes being responsible for selling services and goods to customers or consumers. The following factors are to be taken into consideration while designing the structure of a sales organisation: Sales management is concerned with mainly with the management of selling function. A. c. Accurate market or sales forecasting and planning the sales campaign, based on relevant data. The basic objective behind this “MCQs of Sale of Goods Act” Test is to prepare the students for the different examinations like LAW GAT, LAW Entry Tests, ADPP, Civil Judge and Additional Judge examinations. d. strategy implementation. The more is the sales, the more is the profit. The need for a sales organization arises due to following reasons—. Purpose is the most central component of your organization’s Core Culture. The design of a rational organisation structure. They generate revenue for the organization. Like any other organization, sales organization also consists of persons working together for the purpose of selling the products produced by the firm or the goods purchased by the firm for resale. A sales organization is the top most entity in SD. Which of the following is not an advantage of strategic management? Fundamentals of Organization and Management MCQ's. Training is the fourth importance of sales management and it means it will help to increase the skills, knowledge, and abilities of a particular individual so that he can provide an appropriate solution to the customers.. Avon, Amway, and Tupperware use which of the following forms of channel distribution? It has to lay down a clear and sound selling policy, i.e., policy relating to the methods or channels of distribution, terms and conditions of sale, prices of the products, the rate of trade and cash discounts, conditions regarding the return of goods, the period of credit, the mode of payments, etc. Sales organization is a part of the total business organization of a firm. It has to arrange for advertising and publicity. b 2. “A business organisation is like a home. 7. To create demand for the products through efficient salesmen. According to Boiling, “A good sales organisation is one wherein the functions or departments have each been carefully planned and co-ordinated towards the objective of putting the product in the hands of the consumers—the whole effort being efficiently supervised and managed, so that each function is carried out in the desired manner.”, “A sales organisation is like a power station sending out energy, which is devoted to the advertising and selling of particular lines; and there is a tremendous waste of energy between the power station and the points where it reaches the consumers. 10. 13. 1. Sales organisation is a foundation for effective sales planning and sales policies. This post covers marketing multiple choice questions with answers and explanation. a. Behaviour b. Organisational behaviour c. Workplace misbehaviour d. Organisational citizenship behaviour View Answer / Hide Answer a. direct marketing channel b. indirect marketing channel c. forward channel d. fashion channel 2. 4. It has to undertake sales budgeting i.e., estimate the probable gross revenue from sales and the selling and distribution costs so as to regulate and control the selling and distribution expenses. The importance of the sales organisation, in brief, is: 1. They convey the complaints and suggestions of the customers to the producers for the further improvement in the goods and also for providing efficient service to customers. So long as the firm is a small one, there is no need for sales organisation, as the proprietor himself can sell all the output or in certain cases, he is assisted by one or two salesmen, under his direct control. 3. E. Nasir. The selling unit is represented as a legal unit. Multiple choice questions Corporate Strategy SET-1 1. 12. Your goals are no longer in conflict with the client – they are precisely and profoundly aligned. The fundamental purpose for the existence of any organization is described by its a. policies b. mission c. procedures d. strategy Ans. So, the notion of the general purpose of the said solution is mostly abstract. Download Full PDF Package. Production in anticipation of demand, which must be sold. Controllable costs arebest described as including ? Take for exampl… 3. In short, sales organization is concerned with profitable and efficient distribution of goods and services to the ultimate consumer. Disclaimer 9. Founder-driven companies, such as Starbucks, sometimes find it easier to put purpose at their core, because their leaders connect with and shape purpose … Refers to forecasting the future sales of a given product, ... A type of promotion where a paid message appears in mass media for the purpose of informing or persuading people about particular products, services, beliefs, or action. 4. MCQ’s Unit-II: Organizing the Sales Force 1. Modem sales organisation is not only profit-oriented but also customer-oriented. Planning the future sales: Sales’ planning is one of the most dominant functions of sales management which seeks to achieve co-ordinated structure of operations of various programs in relation to sales. Importance of Sales Organisation: A sales organisation is the mechanism through which a sales manager’s philosophy is translated into action. 10. It could be defined based on geography or some other sales conditions to observe sales statistic. Free PDF Download of CBSE Business Studies Multiple Choice Questions for Class 12 with Answers Chapter 5 Organising. Earning profit is the principal and final goal of any organization, even if your business is not big yet. Sales Management was originally meant for sales personnel i.e it had a narrow perspective of directing the sales personnel of an organization. 11. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Sales Organisation: Needs, Importance, Functions and Structure! The salesperson plays a … b 2. B) to determine if consumers switched brands from one time period to the next. It helps improve the political, economic, social and technological environment of the organisation . Thus it provides satisfactory job to buyers and sellers. READ PAPER. Selling is no longer about competition – with your clients, competitors, or your partners. 8. A segment of an organization is referred to as a service center if it has? The sales organization is concerned with planning, controlling of activities such of recruitment of employee, training the employees, equipping, assigning, rating, supervising, paying and motivating the sales force. Structures of sales organization Structure? You may also Like: HR Policies MCQs with answers. The sale itself becomes not the goal, but a byproduct. Complaints or grievances of the customers have to be attended to and redressed quickly. Order preparation and office recording. 6. You may think the purpose or goal of sales is obvious – to get the buyer to buy, to get the sale, to get the buyer to hand over the money. A) to measure some variable of interest, such as market share or unit sales over time. Deciding about prices and terms of sales and pricing policies. Types Of Sales Organization The grouping of activities into positions and the charting of relationships of positions causes the organization to take on structural form. D. Benevolent. It has a planned and well co-ordinated structure. The sales organization should be adjusted to fit-ideally, to anticipate changing situations. The recognition of the close link between an organisation's decisions and activities and its impact on the natural environment is called _____. Sales objectives help an organization in the following ways − 1. Satisfactory action against complaints from customers. After sales service refers to various processes which make sure customers are satisfied with the products and services of the organization. for the products. 2. In this site we have given MCQ on HRM with answers on various topics. c. strategy formulation . 7. 10. Marketing MCQ Marketing Chapter 2 Ensuring that the company achieves the sales, profits, and other goals set out in its annual marketing plan is the purpose of _____. The AMC’s purpose is to ensure that standards of education, training and assessment of the medical profession promote and protect the health of the Australian community. MCQ Questions for Class 10 Social Science with Answers was Prepared Based on Latest Exam Pattern. A good sales organization can be defined as. b. All the departments are carefully plaited in a good sales organisation. Packaging for the consumer wants a container which will satisfy his desire for attractive appearance, keeping qualities, utility, and correct price and many other factors. All sales document are created for a sales organization only. Students can solve NCERT Class 10 Social Science Globalisation and the Indian Economy MCQs with Answers to […]
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