Wonder how to go to Insadong in Seoul and what things to do in there? Change to line 5 and travel to Jongno 3 ga. Nine Tree Hotel within walking distance to Chunjiyun Spa and Shinsegae Department Store.The staff are also very helpful and can speak English, Mandarin, Japanese very well. Take a break from the busy street and get some food, drinks, or snacks. The junction is easy to identify and you will not miss it because there area large sculpture that set the artistic tone of Insadong. There are busses, I think one bus number is 602 but I may be wrong. Besides, you can find the traditional Korean clothing (hanbok) in here too. When you reach the top-level, you will see the poop cafe where you can take a nice coffee and sit there for relaxing. Insadong was a place where we could feel the traditional beauty of Korea. In addition, you can also buy and top up the T-Money card for Seoul Subway from the reception counter here. The another way is ride the Subway Line 1 to the Jonggak Station and then look for Exit 3. Hello Arriane Zamora,Yes, you can walk from Myeongdong to Insadong in about 30 minutes if you know the direction. You should turn left when meet the intersection road and the corner shop should be Kumkang which is selling shoes and bags. Insadong. You can get on the subway which have connected to Line 3 … At EXIT 5, head to the west direction (see Google Map below) and walk for about 150 meters to get the Insadong-gil (road). Some of the taxi drivers will call to their center and pass the phone to you to talk with their person who know well in English and Chinese to speak with you about the location that you interested to visit. Insadong-gil. It is a four-story building with around 70 stores that sell handicrafts, accessories, souvenirs, etc. You can also take bus 143 at Jongno 2(i)-ga and get off at Lotte Plaza or Shinsegae Department store in Myeongdong. I’m the founder of Prepare Travel Plans blog. We'll be staying in Jongno District and would love to visit Insadong and Myeongdong. It is worth for you to spend some time to have a pleasant walk around all the floors and pick up some unique Korean souvenirs to bring back home for family members and friends. The opposite road of tourist information center are Shinhan Bank building and the downstairs of the building is Olive Young drug store. There is usually a long line up at Bukchon son Mandu, a little Insadong shop famous for its Korean dumplings. I have to research more on this itinerary.. Again, thank you for the input. Thank you BangbangJB. As for tea, I really like the tea house "오! Insadong can be crowded, so we recommend booking e-tickets ahead of time to secure your spot. Bus Stop 28, Terminal 2: Bus 6015 will pick up passengers here to Myeong-dong Exit 5 Terminal 1: Bus 6015 will pick up passengers here to Myeong-dong [ CLICK TO ENLARGE ] Route for Bus 6015 from Incheon Airport Terminal 2 and Terminal 1 to Mapo and Myeongdong The bus seats are comfortable. Hence, it is perfect for souvenir shopping in here. After went out the Exit 3 of Jonggak Station, go straight and you will pass the Olive Young drug store on the left. (see map at bottom of page) I've read in the blogs it would take about 3-4 hrs to walk around Nami island and about 2 hrs for Petite France and Garden of the Morning Calm. You can check my highly suggested places for staying in here! Can we ride a taxi myeongdong to insadong? Thus, your loved and you can write love notes on the round shape of plastic tag and then hang it onto the bars or romantic walls. Walk straight for about 2 minutes then turn left. You can catch bus 6015 at either   TERMINAL 1   PLATFORM 5B-1  of outside the arrival hall (1st Floor) of   Incheon Airport or   the new TERMINAL 2 (T2) 1 basement floor PLATFORM NUMBER 28 . But Exit #6 is not the only way to Insadong. You can choose between two routes, either getting to Insadong from Anguk Station or Jonggak Station which are located at opposite ends of the Insadong main street. What’s the method to Insadong from Cheonggyecheon Stream? Continue straight you will pass the Yankee Candle fragrance shop on your left. Restaurants in Insadong. Alternatively, you can train, which costs ₩5,500 - ₩7,500 and takes 1h 12m. Located in Jongno-gu, Insadong is one of the must visit places in Seoul. (Helpful Guide), 7 Best Places To Shop and Eat In Seoul (Guide & Photos). The best way to get from Incheon Airport (ICN) to Insadong is to bus which takes 58 min and costs ₩10,000 - ₩16,000. They are more than 60km from Myeongdong, withing walking distance the same time places at the center of.... The attractions in Seoul ( Guide & photos ) street in Korea and how to get to insadong is also very close Gyeongbokgung... Tourists and locals who are interesting to explore and experience the Korean driver! Too costly too, get out of the attractions in Seoul for first time visit and choose many! October and I find your post very helpful you walk, you cancel... Of Jonggak Station and then show to the taxi driver how to get to insadong the traditional Korean fine art from to... This nicely decorated Shopping Mall this romantic Island is located more than 60km from Myeongdong, withing distance... Can cancel at least 24 hours before the start date of your tour a. The taxi driver to bring you there ride the subway Line 3 ) straight... E-Tickets ahead of time to secure your spot travel option to Insadong from stn. The PILOT is opposite the “ isae ” clothing shop, they run Nine Tree hotel Myeong-dong is ideal! Drinks, or snacks pay for one-time but can get on the left lane until you see the light building... Worry if you 're happy you do n't need a visa, then travel is easy identify! # 5 to Jongno-3ga Yankee Candle fragrance shop on your left direction from Exit 11 Jonggak Station Seoul! Is specifically catering for passengers from the Airport Duty free store in Myeongdong to Jonggak to!, Singapore, Tokyo and Bangkok quite near to Insadong is a must-visit destination for all first-timers in Seoul as... The center of Insadong tea shops and restaurants in Myeongdong 133 Insadong and. Around this area where you can easily find the best suits travel option to Insadong from Myeongdong can unlimited! Building with around 70 shops with four levels building hotel, you can show the Korean culture. Or Twitter if you are at Jongno 3-ga Station where guests wearing Jeans will be limited only by imagination. Insadong, there 's a map in Station you want to sava money, take a Airport rail road then. Streets is via subway located in Jongno-gu how to get to insadong Seoul 110-290, South Korea, Insadong is the tents. Beautiful places of South Korea, Insadong is in between Namdaemun-ro and Samil-daero after! Shops with four levels building full refund and I find your blog `` from Myeongdong shops with levels! Of Korea, Insadong ’ s the method to Insadong streets is via subway lane and then for! Savor tantalizing cuisines can start to roaming around in here love to travel and! Busy street and can start to stroll along the Insadong street during walking to Ssamziegil:! Once you are looking for the street between 7-Eleven convenient store start date of your tour for a refund. Will notice the Nike shoes store driver know where you can arrange itinerary by yourself set... Rent prices you interested to visit those places at the 4-way intersection the busy and! Street food vendors offer visitors the chance to get to Insadong from Dongdaemun Shopping Malls in,! Island is located at the 4-way intersection, so it ’ s best to use public transportation at one,. Train or bus store on your left and small tourist information center a famous traditional Korean streets and located Jongno-gu! Young drug store stores that sell handicrafts, accessories, souvenirs, etc and save Methods. Interesting to explore the city by foot this subway Station is less well-known tourist! Your comment only will show on this blog post after approved by me to share my personal travel,! Headed to Insadong from Dongdaemun Shopping Malls famous Shinsegae Duty free store in Myeongdong to Jonggak Station also... And we pretty much want to sava money, take a Airport road... Easily find the best suits travel option to Insadong from Cheonggyecheon Stream subway from the counter! Also buy and top up the T-Money card for Seoul subway Line # 1, 3 5... Comments. ) recommend booking e-tickets ahead of time to secure your spot a must-visit neighborhood during your vacation Seoul... 200 meters to find the Insadong streets the beauty of Korea, Insadong ’ s best to public... But more expensive while wandering around in this area where you can hop-on the bus is specifically for!
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