If the car's a keeper, I'd drain/refill every 30K and change the felt filter every 60K. A fluid drain and filter change is widely considered the most popular and protectively problem preventative service. when refilling you just leave the level plug out until the oil starts to flow out, then replace the level plug. Thanks for checking out my website. Now we can pull the shift lever, the bolt in the shifter goes through a slot on the shaft so you have to remove the bolt comepletely to slide the shifter off. Spray and leave for 30minutes to 1hour to take effect. the drain plug is on the underside of the trans right under the passenger side drive axle on the tans. Drain plugs can fall out due to coefficient of expansion. Luckily, i was a few hundred feet away from my house when the truck started acting up and as i went to my nearest oreilly store to buy more transmission fluid, i saw the leak start not too far away from where i stopped. When I was rotating the tires, I noticed a fill plug on the drivers side of the end of the transmission housing. It was tight the whole way out. There are several methods available to fix a stripped oil drain plug. Now it's time to break out the blue rtv silicone gasket maker. Don't forget this gasket, taking your time and getting all surfaces really clean pays off here. 65128 Transmission Drain Plug Kit. I am hoping to not get an attorney involved, but If that is what it takes to get their attention, then so be it. The cover should be pulled down flush against the case all the way around. Id go in there with a lawyer. Notice that it doesn’t take much force to unscrew this so don’t over tighten when putting back on. The seal that comes with the filter is a pain to remove and I see no problem in reusing the old one as long as the filter fits securely and doesnt fall out. I can't believe what I"m reading/'have read here. Keep in mind this is aluminum and the putty knife is steel. NOTE: if you have trouble getting the footpeg or the shifter to slide off, and decide to pry against the alumiminum cover with a screwdriver or pry bar, first grab a ball pein hammer and pop yourself in the forehead a couple times with the round end, (hopefully, that should knock some sense into you and deture you from prying against the cover). I removed the self tapping magnetic drain plug and replaced it with the non-magnetic one. I removed it, and stuck in the pinky. When I got it off though, the plug looked normal. Besides that, I have a shoe box that is full of receipts. Where can I get additional information on that? Some 6Ls have a drain plug on the pan, some dont. I'm going to apply blue rtv to both the case side and the cover side of the foot peg stud gasket to give it a little cushion and ensure a good seal. The trick on how to drain transmission fluid is to work from the top, sucking out the old fluid up through the filler tube. The harley dog is done in the garage for the evening and demanding we go in for treats. I bought two different styles since I wasn't sure which one I would end up using. Oil plugs fall out because they are stripped - pan or plug, usually pan. took out 4 bolts on diff, Shock on drain side, lower a-arm, held up axle with tie-wire, and used hand tools. When I went to drain the fluid I noticed that the drain plug just didn't feel right coming out. I would advise you to yank the pan & give them the bill for the parts & labor from the Mitchel manual. You don't want the chain slapping loose, but at the same time you don't want it too tight either. I always use a no bounce hammer on the impact driver, it's just nicer, but really any hammer will do. You'll also need to back it out freqently to clear the debris from the threads and apply some light oil to them. A forum community dedicated to Ford performance owners and enthusiasts. My finger is on the primary chain adjuster in the pic below, loosen the self locking nut then turn the bolt out a ways with an allen wrench (it will probably just turn out freely by hand as soon as you loosen the self locking nut). She should look real glittery. Works like a charm. If the transmission pan has a drain plug, remove the plug to drain the fluid into a collection pan. The longer you wait, the less inclined they will be to do anything to settle your case. " If there’s an aluminum oil pan with a steel drain plug the aluminum is going to expand at a faster rate than the steel plug as the oil gets hot. Since, the transmission oil is drain directly from the T … So take the managers and the "mechanics" oil out and have them driver their car around all day. Pour New transmission oil inside the dipstick of the transmission. Now would be a good time to put a wire nut on your rtv silicone to keep it fresh for next time. 4.6 out of 5 stars 209. They would put me in a new engine, If yours only had 5000 miles on it. The trans pan gasket is reusable. With all the old gasket material removed from the case and the cover, let's get to work on the cover. First off, I'll get to work cleaning off all the old gasket material from the case and the cover. Use a pan that can contain up to ten quarts of transmission fluid, although that much probably will not drain out. OEMTOOLS 25374 Drain Plug Socket Set | Remove Oil Drain Plugs, Transfer Cases, Differential Housing Drains, More | Includes a Full Suite of Hex and Square Metric Sockets 4.6 out of 5 stars 48 $23.16 $ 23 . The only scenarios that comes to mind is lots of short trips where the oilpan and oil never got really hot. I applied a generous amount of thread locker to the self tapping oil drain plug, and carefully installed it into the case making sure not to cross thread it. There IS a servicable transmission filter not just a screen. To make a long story short, it's been sitting in various garages and sheds for a lot of it's life, and I am in the process of getting it running again. Now what? Then refill with fresh fluid. The combination of aluminum cases and steel oil drain plugs are famous for stripping. Sure enough a large half circle shaped bur came off! Once you get it cracked loose, just wiggle it around and work it back and forth until it comes off. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. On my way to the Pep Boys to pick up my Bronco, I took the same route as I had the night before and watched for the oil slick that would indicate where my oil plug fell out. How to Replace Transmission Fluid. I applied a good coating of grease and reinstalled the adjuster in the cover, leaving it just flush with the inside surface and ready for installation. The old seal popped out real easy. There full of S*it, the bearings are toast! You could remove the plug one last time, put the washer on it, and reinstall it, BUT... You will have noticed while installing the new plug that you created a bunch of aluminum shavings, and the last thing we want is to have aluminum shavings floating around inside our motor! With the dip stick pulled out. It bottomed out solid and felt much better, I knew this thing wasn't going to go anywhere. My plug tool is nothing more than a piece of aluminum with the end rounded on a grinder. Mains are my concern. They owe you, no question. Allow all of the fluid to drain, I left it to drain … As you can see here, the first thing to do is remove the oil plug and drain the oil. Those that say it cant be done should say so quietly, so as not to disturb those who are doing it. NOTE: There is also a engine oil plug, located more front and center on the bottom of the cases, that is famous for stripping as well. Then loosen the primary chain adjuster a fair bit to take the pressure off of it. It's their responsibility! Figure on turning the crank, re-sizing the rods, vat & freeze plugs, rings bearings & gaskets. It seemed to have plenty of clearance so I decided to go ahead and see how the new magnetic oil plug went in. I went back to it and resumed squeezing, pushing, etc.. and all at once the middle of the (coned-shaped grommet) fell out and the two pieces looked like a plug and a regular doughnut grommet. its a larger bolt. If they refuse to pay, litigate. This wasn't the case. Do you have the receipts for your re-build. $9.12 $ 9. Just fill it until it starts to come out the oil level screw. Just last week I watched a late model Explorer vent all engine oil on the freeway. It really doesn't matter if the stripped drain plug is on your Harley Davidson, Jap bike, or lawn tractor, the technique to fix a stripped drain plug is the same. I could probably get by without this, since the gasket has the ruberized seal, but I want to use the rtv to hold the gasket in place. Notice I put a little thicker layer of silicone on the foot peg stud gasket. If you want help whupin dat ass, you know where I live. One of them has a magnet to catch any loose metal floating around in the transmission oil (magnetic oil drain plug), and the other has longer threads which I figured might be needed to ensure a secure fit. Its like someone said eariler have the manager drian his oil and drive around for a while, Stuff like that really makes me mad when the blow smoke and think youre dumb enough to buy it. Now, I suppose you could flush it out, by removing the plug and pouring some oil through in hopes that it would carry any aluminum debris inside the case out the drain hole with it, but to me, that's a gamble that I am not willing to take. I removed the new drain plug one last time and filed just a tad across the hole inside the case with a small flat file to remove any aluminum burs. I wanted to use the magnetic oil drain plug if possible, it was slightly longer than the orginal plug so I first stuck a short screwdriver into the hole to make sure I wasn't going to bottom the new oil plug out on something inside the case. Seewhat they say about that. Dorman 65406 Automatic Transmission Drain Plug for Select Acura/Honda Models. I know a decent lawyer as well. The big gasket is in place on top of the thin layer of rtv silicone. Get it as soon as Tue, Oct 13. I wiggle the chain up and down with my finger as I tighten the stud. The second is a defective crankcase ventilator along with a damaged plug … I had an "experience" with them & a Porsche... you'll want to take it to small claims court. I like to use electronics cleaner because it evaporates fast leaving a clean dry surface for the thread locker. Slide the cover back on evenly hit it into place with the palms of your hands. Once the bolt is out, grab the rubber end of the shifter with one hand and the shaft end with the other and rock the rubber end back and forth horizontally while pulling away from the motor on the shaft end, it may be a bit stubborn but you should be able to walk it off the shaft. With the primary cover off, I can get a good look at what's going on with the new self tapping magnetic oil drain plug. Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Billbo, Jul 9, 2010. Now we will be adding about 24 ounces of our favorite tranny/clutch oil. I found the oil slick a tad over 3.5 miles from where I stopped. Just gently tap the socket with a hammer stopping every so often to make sure it's going in straight. The bolts attaching the pan to the van are located on the top of the pan. With a drain and fill, you are only removing about half of the fluid from the transmission via the drain bolt, replacing it, and then adding the same amount of new fluid that came out. Get a good one and own the place! (An ample supply of extra quarts of transmission oil will be required for the task.) The drain plug should be easily visible and will either be on the side or the bottom of the pan. Click it over to loosen, get it square in the screw and whack it few times at the same time your turning with your hand. This is a picture of the transmission oil plug we are dealing with in this article. It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong. If you're lucky enough to have such a pan, you can simply remove the plug to drain the ATF. It's 1000cc motor with a 4 speed transmission. Here I am pointing to the oil level screw with my impact driver. This is some really really high quality green grease. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Make sure you clutch cable is connected properly and seated in the cable guide. Rinse and repeat until you've seated the new oil drain plug all the way in. First remove the nut with the red arrow in the pic below. I get all my oil tested at the local caterpillar dealer. The doughnut grommet went on and plug went in a minute, and all is right. The only way to drain the old ATF is to remove the entire pan. Before we put the plug in the side cover we need to adjust the primary chain. You can remove one-third to one-half of the fluid from the transmission at a time. However, understand that this method will only allow you to … Crank hurt along with mayye the cam. JavaScript is disabled. http://members.cardomain.com/96mustang460cid, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. If you need someplace to do your truck, feel free to ask. You don't need to impact this screw when you tighten it, but you can sure use your impact driver as a screwdriver, just don't hit it with a hammer. Set the bike up straight by putting something under the kickstand. First off, if you don't have an impact driver, go get a jar of vaseline and bend over, because every screw on a harley davidson is gonna make you it's bitch without one. And I think, after 30K, the tranny fluid should be changed even though Toyota does not recommend that. V-belt drain plug. We're ready to put the side cover back on and button this thing up. A hand-operated vacuum transmission fluid pump makes the job simple and clean. The powertrain warranty is 5-years 60K miles. Remove the drain plug If the bolt does not release, a quick spray of WD40 directly onto the bolt should help loosen it up. Pull the big cap nut off that's holding the footpeg first, and the peg should slide off easily. Ok, now you have the new oil plug fully seated into the case. They'll only respond to a lawyer. If all looks well, flip your impact driver over to tighten, and give each screw a couple good whacks to seat them nice and snug. It won't come out, or tighten up. I hope this article is helpful. If it breaks after that Toyota will ask you for hand over money. I probably 20 miles before the plug fell out. Mustang Ranch, where the customer always cums first. 12. If you need to put a screwdriver in the slot to open it up a bit, be careful not to overdue it. Come join the discussion about popular models such as the Mustang, Galaxie, Falcon, Fairlane, Torino, Shelby and many more! I worked at a Ford dealership and the "oil changer" put the plug and filter on, but no oil in. Use a ratchet and socket to do this, not a wrench, because you need to be able to hold it straight with the hole and apply pressure as your turning. Method b. Before installing any seals, I like to grease them up and put a coating of grease around the ouside as well. But, if you know how to remove a drain plug, then you should be able to change transmission fluid without removing the pan. I recommend changing it at 50k, and doing one drain and fill every 25-30k afterwards. Transmission drain plug. Just takes one ham handed guy at the end of the wrench and the threads in the aluminum case will be stripped. I like the looks of the big gasket, it's got a raised rubberized area all the way around it. Position a large diameter drain pan underneath the transmission to catch the old fluid. Took maybe 2 hours. In a simple draining of old transmission fluid, usually consisting of between 3-6 quarts, a drain plug in the transmission pan is removed, and the fluid flows out and accumulates in a holding pan as with an oil change. I am using a short ratchet here which stops me from getting too ham handed, just turn it in until you get a good firm resistance, then back it out to clean and re-oil, then carefully turn it back in and cut some more threads. As long as you don't gorilla the plug, you shouldn't have a problem and then you can clean off the fuzz on the plug when you remove it too. Keep the filter and tell them to either fix it to your satisfaction, or tell them, "you'll see them in court, then they can pay for the engine, court costs and expenses you ran up, Towing etc). I always first try to wiggle it and bang on it with my hands to break it loose, but if it won't move you can tap on it a bit with a rubber or plastic hammer only. Two pieces of 2x4 seem to work just right for mine. When doing a transmission fluid flush, the concept is to get all of the old fluid out at once and simply replace it with new fluid. Then 35 days later a long trip gets it really warm and the plug gets loose and falls out. The method I will show you here is fixing a stripped transmission oil drain plug in a harley davidson iron head sportster motorcycle. ... gas is in the tank, oil is in the engine, trans fluid is in the transmission, windshield washer fluid is in the appropriate place, as well as the brake fluid and power steering fluid and all that. We'll go ahead and install the shifter again, I looked at where it was sitting before I removed it so I know I am putting it back in the same position. I think it's about a 6-10 hour flat rate at about $50 an hour. If you need anything, feel free to call. The drain plug fell out of my car 2 months after the oil change and blew the engine. You know how a drain plug is tight and once you break it loose you can just take it off with your fingers? If it gets a little off kilter, just direct the tapping to the high side a little more. They can also be knocked out by hitting debris, curbs, ect with the pan. ... You aren't going to get much out with the turkey baster. I wouldn't mind getting the oil tested. This is very easy and inexpensive however for other applications you may want to look into different methods. Oversized oil drain plugs made to replace a 1/2" oil drain plug. Might give them a shot. Vibration just unscrewed it and it finally fell out. if i remember correctly its either 13/16 or 15/16 i cant remember... the plug pictured above is the FILL plug, that is where you should fill the trans from, you fill it till fluid starts to come out of that plug area then quickly throw the fill plug back on. You'll be able to tell when the seal is fully seated as it will be a more solid sound and feel while tapping it in. If you send an oil sample out for analysis (about $15) they can give you a good idea of what the metal is from. I followed that up by spraying the new threads in the case and the new drain plug with electronics cleaner to remove any left over oil. Place a collection pan underneath the transmission drain plug. Put the new oring from the gasket kit on the primary chain adjuster arm stud like so. I am just going to put a small continuous bead of rtv around the entire surface of the case and spread it out nice and thin with my finger. The plug fell out because it wasn't tightened properly when the oil was changed last time. I purchased the new oversized drainplugs at an Auto Value store. Doing my spring fluid changes on my 1973 R75/5, I found my transmission drain plug would just spin. Go ahead and install the footpeg now as well. To do this we screw the bolt sticking straight out the bottom of the cover in. The bike hasn't leaked a drop of oil since the repair. To install the new seal in the cover, use a socket that's just a little smaller than the outside diameter of the seal. If you stick a screwdriver between the cover and the cases to pry it off, not only will a cute bunny die, the mechanic police will hunt you down and kill you. I was going to drain and refill the ATF fluid over the weekend but found that the transmission drain plug was stripped. 16 $32.99 $32.99 This is my 1979 Harley Davidson Sportster, it's not quite a harley davidson museum piece, but it's bought and paid for. Take a mental note of the shifter position so you can put it back in the same place later. The other day, I jacked up the car and took a look at the transmission pan. Your engine is history...it may continue to run, but it will never be right. There is only about 5/16-3/8 material in the depth of the drain hole so the 1/2 time-sert I had, needed shortened. Some transmission pans come with a drain plug. I see that the case is thicker there which will allow me to utilize the longer threads on the non-magnetic plug. ..." - Voltaire. I did a 3.3 quart drain and replacement of the transmission fluid. Before you do, place a large catch pan under the transmission pan. Before applying the screws, put some medium strength lock tite on them to keep them from vibrating loose down the road. The shifter bolt is a good candidate for the red lock tite. When all the screws are out the cover is ready to come off. Unscrew the drain plug lug on the transmission fluid pan. As a quick side note, don't use that plug to drain your engine oil, just use the one on the bottom of the oil tank. If your plug fell out that soon and you drove it home, along with the filter metal and engine noise, I'd say your bearings at least are history. We're ready to put the impact driver to work now. It does not leak. As I installed the non-magnetic plug, it threaded much deeper requiring me to back it out several times to clean the aluminum shavings from the threads and apply some oil to assist in the new thread cutting. Most transmission pans, however, don't have plugs. Reply to Chris (aka- Moose)'s Post: 1998 ford windstar with 3.8 167.000 miles plug in transmission fell out all fluid leaked and will not move forward in reverse a grind noise then will move no forward movement transmission has grinding noise We also want to install the self locking nut on the stud sticking out near the bottom left of the case. You can see lot's of gunk all over from the old oil plug leaking as well as the side cover gasket, we're gonna fix both of these issues. the dealer's service includes, among other things, transmission drain/refill. Also, I didn't like the way the short threaded magnetic drain plug seated, it felt a bit "squishy" so I decided I wanted to install the non-magnetic plug with the longer threads in hopes of getting some more "bite" on the aluminum case. More Buying Choices $7.19 (12 new offers) Dorman HELP! You want to remove only the drain plug. Find the happy medium and then hold the stud with an alen wrench while you tighten the self locking nut up snug against the case. Start by putting all the screws in a bit with your fingers, then tighten them little by little evenly, going from one screw across to the next screw on the opposite side of the cover until you have them all hand tight. If the drain plug fell out, then only the relatively unpressurized sump is draining. Skip Step 3. Now is a good time to reach up and check your clutch quick, just pull the lever and make sure your clutch feels like it's working properly. I bought the 01 Taco with 60K miles on it last year and the person who sold it to me said that all maintenance was performed by a Toyota dealer. So, in conclusion 3 or 4 drain and fills is whats needed to change most of the fluid. Needless to say, the dealership replaced his 1500 mile engine with a brand new one. Put the fiber washer on the cluth oil level screw and snug it up in the cover. Keep in mind that with my gearing, I'm running 3000+ rpms when cruising 55 mph on the highway. Now install the plug in the cover and your done! Did my 30,000 mile maintenance (28,750 miles) this weekend. First I'll remove the shift shaft outer seal with my cheap harbor freight tools seal puller tool. They also fall out because they were not tightened well enough. At the same time, allowing the old oil to drain into your waiting bucket. Using the hex screwdriver/tool, unscrew the drain plug. I removed the primary chain adjuster, cleaned it up, and put the copper washer on it. Let's pull that primary cover and do this thing right. If I remember correctly, they were only a few bucks a piece and I figured it would hurt to have whichever one I didn't use around the garage for a future project. Lifetime fluid means if the transmission craps out, the fluid has served its lifetime. The transmission hose that connects to the ac condenser on my 2015 gmc sierra 4x4 was loose and it fell off while driving. About $750 Okie dollars. Although I love nice tools, you don't need a snap-on, I think I paid 15 bucks for this one years ago, and it works just fine for the casual garage mechanic. Nothing to it, they come loose with no stripped screw heads. I installed this without taking the rear diff out! I then leaned the bike over on the kickstand and spayed a generous amount of carb cleaner around in the case to wash any left over aluminum shavings out. The pic above shows the basic layout for the transmission, remove the drain plug (larger hex) and drain the oil. Performing a transmission fluid change requires a little more precision than changing motor oil. I refilled using the plug on top of the transmission housing. The only receipts I don't have are for the beer and bribery that got my parts out the door a little quicker and buddies in my driveway helping with the heavy lifting. Here's what if looks like removed, I left the clutch cable connected in this pic. I also grabbed a new tube of ultra blue rtv silicone, it's worthless alone but works well for a little extra cushion when used with a gasket. The dealer has the pan. The new gasket set has arrived, perfect timing! Mine came out black at 75k, despite the owners manual stating that the fluid was good until 100k. Kodiak 700 Engine & Transmission. Today I show you how I drained the transmission pan on my truck without dropping the transmission pan! Next we'll grease up the face seal really good and install it up against the spring washer on the shifter shaft. Best to keep the knife almost parallel with the surface and easy does it. If I'm not careful I could easily auger a big chunk of the case or cover away. Owner drove it less then a mile before in noticed the lack of oil pressure. If I wanted to make a life long career working with the mentally retarded I would have gone into Special Education or opened a Harley Davidson Dealership. You have metal in your filter, and you know why its there.