In contrast, Millboard decking is made from an entirely wood-free material – it provides genuinely anti-slip decking. This is partly due to it being made from materials that are resistant to weather, rot and insect damage. But composite or plastic wood decking is resistant to algae because we make it with synthetic materials. In the wet especially, it significantly out-performs any wood or wood composite decking. Learn More, Decking that perfectly replicates the beauty of freshly cut oak, Decking boards with the timeless elegance of aged oak, Ultra slip-resistant decking with integrated grip strips, Moulded from four individual pieces of timber with different widths and grain patterns, Designed to perfectly replicate smooth timber with a flat grained finish, giving a clean authentic look. Over the years Trex has acquired tens of thousands of satisfied customers, but they also have faced a class action lawsuit which claimed that the non-shelled, wood-plastic composite decking was, according to the lawsuit: And it was very, very damp and humid and I was amazed at how slippery that surface got. It is also highly resistant to staining. Composite decking is engineered with a surface that makes you stay standing when you walk on it. NeoTimber® composite decking is a hi-tech eco-friendly alternative to traditional wooden decking. Then you should scrub until you have removed the algae from the surface of your decking. While all of Millboard’s decking has excellent anti-slip performance, for areas where safety is paramount we offer Lasta-Grip®. This means that termites cannot attack your composite decking after you have installed it in your garden. Composite decking is resistant to insect attack. For installation guide, contact us now. Read more on the Ecodek blog « PREV All Weather Decking. What Are the Different Types of Composite Decking? This product shouldn’t harm the materials used in the boards or change the look of the surface. Note that the slip resistance of your composite decking depends on the texture of your decking surface. How Do You Prepare the Ground for Composite Decking? Composite decking lasts, on average, 25-30 years with only minimal upkeep in comparison to natural wood decking. © Copyright 2020 CompositeWarehouse – Composite Decking Supplier. Brands such as AKO - Deck-Tite - SmartBoard - Gripdeck Thanks to a specially formulated combination of quality resin, aggregates and plastics, slippery decking will … Composite Decking Doesn’t Have to Be Slippery . When it comes to safety regulations, Millboard’s anti-slip decking passes independent tests, easily surpassing the British Standard Institute’s and Health and Safety Executive’s guidelines. Anti-slip inserts can fit over your deck boards and stick into the cracks between boards to hold them down. Let’s examine the wood grain surface texture before we examine the grooved-channel surface texture. To ensure that your decking remains an anti-slip decking surface, you must remove algae immediately. If you're going to wholesale high quality composite non slip decking boards, welcome to get price list from our factory. These planks are then sheathed in plastic or a compound containing a combination of plastic, resin and wood fiber. At these values, you’ll know that you have a good non-slip composite decking. A value of 35 or higher is good but if you can, go for those with values of 55 and higher. All boards are made almost entirely from recycled plastic. Mould and mildew are just like algae, but they are more difficult to remove. Hyperion Decking Slip Rating The following slip test results for Hyperion Decking composite deck boards are as tested to the BS7976-2: 2002 standard (Pendulum Test – 4S Rubber). Pour the soap water spots and scrub gently with your brush. A big concern with a lot of outdoor decking is that in the wrong weather, it can end up being too unsafe to enjoy. These are similar to the mats used in restaurants to provide the non-slip surface they need in the kitchen where things can get very slick and slippery. A unique blend of composite material that inhibits the growth of nasty slip hazards like algae, as well as reversible textured finishes that give you the reassurance that from day 1 – your boards will offer a safe flooring surface. Locate your local Millboard-approved resellers from our stockists across the UK and Ireland. Take a look at the different styles and colours we offer and order your free samples. When building an outdoor deck, consider how slippery particular surfaces are. 4. Not sure of the type of composite decking or the colour you want? At SlipDoctors we stock Floor Grip, the ideal anti-slip product for composite decking. The trick our decking expert used to make our plastic wood decking non-slip decking boards is simple. Well let me explain in case you’ve missed it: Non-slip ratings have changed. One of the benefits of composite decking is its durability. Our non-slip decking boards have grooved-channels on their surface that provide traction support when you walk on your decking. Composite Decking has endless benefits. Non-slip – who wants decking that becomes a death trap in winter or every time the surface gets wet? Decking can become hazardous in wet or icy conditions so we’ve upgraded some of our most popular types of decking boards to anti-slip decking to keep your family safe all year round. Your email address will not be published. This figure increases when referring to slopes which goes up to 45 PTV (Pendulum Test Value) for a 5 degree slope, although most slopes are 3-4 degress, nonetheless Millboard still far exceeds the requirement which many composite decking manufacturers fail to meet. Get free shipping on all large orders. See for yourself the outstanding quality and authentic wood look with a sample of Millboard decking. But while Millboard decking avoids the problems associated with wood, it manages to retain all wood’s beauty. Order now! Note: if you have composite decking, grit salt is safe to use. It is unlike wood decking that is wood. Composite Decking Maintenance – WPC Decking. Non Slip Decking - UK Composite Decking This is why we do not refer to composite decking boards as non slip decking, instead . If the surface is smooth, it will become slippery when it is wet. Composite or conglomerate decking usually require a specific non-slip product to increase traction. Also, decking can pose a safety issue if the surface gets slippery. PermaTimber® Decking, by Perma Composites®, is a leader in non-slip decking for commercial and waterside applications, with an unbeatable non-slip rating of P5. This will cause a safety issue, and you might slip if you are not careful. Another reason our composite decking is a non-slip decking alternative to wood is that we design it so that algae cannot easily grow on it. Will not require any specialist cleaning or treatment and is environmentally friendly. Each of our decking boards is formed from a unique resin/mineral composite, with no wood content at all. The worst thing that can happen is to have someone slip while walking on your deck. Also known as composite lumber or synthetic decking, synthetic wood is typically made of wood shavings that are bound together by a glue and pressure, much like pressed wood. The purposefully designed surface texture of the boards generate an exceptional anti-slip rating making it an ideal surface for those with a safety conscious mind. When you are certain that you have removed the mould or mildew, you can rinse it with water. Since composite is a synthetic material, it is stronger and more durable than wood decking. When this occurs, it will create the perfect condition for mould to sprout. Millboard’s decking is backed up by accessories that match its performance. This is true, but it does not mean that mould cannot grow on your composite decking. Treadwell EX-Series® Composite FRP Grating & Anti-Slip Decking GratEX® FRP Moulded Grating Our popular range of moulded FRP composite grating solutions features bi-directional strength characteristics for a proficient anti-slip deck and offers versatility unparalleled by … To ensure that your composite decking remains a non-slip decking alternative, you have to clean it regularly. Below, we look at what makes NeoTimber the ideal anti slip composite decking brand…. Do that until you are certain that your composite decking is clean. Benefits of composite decking are endless it’s Eco friendly, Easy to clean, Everlasting, No decay, Anti Fade, Non slip, … We indeed engineered our composite decking so that it will have a slip-resistant surface. It has no wood content at all, so there is nothing to encourage algal or fungal growth. Then you should wash your anti-slip decking with water and leave it to dry. Aside from that, they will make your decking slippery when you walk on it after it has rained. This makes gripping the road easy when your car moves on it. Composite decking is reversible and either surface can be used. This is possible if leaves, pollens, or food decay on your plastic wood decking. Fiberon Sanctuary composite decking offers enhanced high-traction and rich multi-chromatic wood tones. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Composite Decking Boards Offering a durable, long lasting and sustainable alternative to timber decking without compromising on beauty or strength, composite decking is a low maintenance and cost effective solution that provides a flawless finish with no visible fixings. If you don’t maintain your decking mould will grow on it.