I’d give the money gladly and never ask anything more.”. Sanchez took pity and put Amy on half scholarship. Bechtel’s voice and manner betray neither false hope nor desperation. The authorities produced Steve's journals, or portions of them, selectively highlighted (or not—it depends on who's telling the story). Looking for something else? Positive mental attitude. Twenty miles to the southwest, a thin new crown of white graces the high granite peaks above Sinks Canyon and the serpentine Loop Road through Shoshone National Forest, where, sometime on the afternoon of last July 24, Amy Wroe Bechtel went on a routine training run, then vanished from the face of the earth. His cheerful tone of voice, his amiability, remains constant, whether he's talking about the details of rock climbing or the possibility that his wife has been raped and murdered. These are friends of the Bechtels who turned out instantly on the night of the disappearance; who left school, abandoned jobs, and aborted climbing expeditions to rush to Lander and search the woods. Skinner and Whisler leave to search the Loop Road. She does not age. Long before dawn and the arrival of the official search party, a dozen friends were looking for Amy-with-a-sprained-ankle, Amy-with-a-broken-leg, or Amy-attacked-by-a-bear. “Steve came in for an interview,” says sheriff’s investigator Roger Rizor. They're the things you think about.". Besides, an unofficial team of 10 of Lander’s best climbers is already searching. Steve would start working again at Wild Iris, and he would begin fixing up the house he and Amy have yet to occupy together. However, according to the unsolved mysteries wikia, this was debunked. She thinks that people are generally good. What it is near is the spectacular eastern front of the Wind River Range—fierce, sharp peaks that give onto gentler ones that give, in turn, onto the oceanic high plains. Steve remarried several years after Amy vanished and still lives in the house they purchased days before her disappearance. Feverish with excitement, Skinner scrambles 7 hours out of the canyon to report his findings. When she showed up as a walk-on on the team at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, cross-country coach Jim Sanchez was almost embarrassed for her. We leave unholy messes wherever we go, despite our best intentions. “If I could only dredge up something else about what I saw that day. Labour has a three-point lead over the Conservatives, according to a new poll, putting Sir Keir Starmer above Boris Johnson for the first time.. On April 17, 1971, he married Katherine Becker, in Raytown, MO. No attempt was made to preserve the integrity of what would later be presumed to be a crime scene. An intense little bohemia of mountain-town athletes. Your mind on the task, on the problem and nothing else. Dean Chingman, a young Indian from Ethete, on the Wind River Reservation, went missing in early November. That she seemed cheerful and busy. The witness, a hiker, claimed to have seen a blue truck similar to Steve's - and that there had been a blonde female in the passenger's seat matching Amy's description on July 24th. They’re going to think that the search for Amy is over. Amy keeps driving slowly, marking the miles, perhaps envisioning a pack of runners toiling up the hill. That she is being kept by someone infatuated, obsessed with her. He was asked to take a polygraph test. Helen is an Olympic gold medalist who, with her … What happened instead was something strange and nightmarish, the kind of nightmare that begins with innocuous moments that become harrowing only in hindsight. No pets. “There’s this overwhelming sense of void and chaos about this affair, but Steve keeps pushing against it,” reflects Ed Sherline. King looks away. Here’s the evidence to prove it.”, McCullough flings the papers in front of Bechtel. Skinner and Whisler, meanwhile, went to look for Amy's car. Mike Lilygren, who accompanied Skinner on that 1995 Pakistan climb, lived last summer in number seven. A separate room at the back of the garage is the Lucky Lane climbing gym. Jo Anne said little. In 2001, Amy's dad passed away. The request automatically pulls the plug on the interview. When it comes to his sport, however, Steve is known for a singularity of purpose unusually intense even for a big-wall climber. Sometimes she runs with Steve; more often she trains alone. No Amy. Amy was named an academic all-American. And Tevas. “It’s enough so that, given the remote chance that there’s more than one abductor, one might turn against the other to collect the reward. There’s no time to read them, but he figures the FBI is trying to railroad him. These won't do—not at all. There were only a car, some keys, sunglasses, and a to-do list, with four of its 13 items checked off. Skinner's sister Holly lives in number eight. It's a theme that runs deep in America—the idea of leaving behind the complications and sorrows of one's day-by-day existence to make a fresh start as someone new, to lose one's past. “Those people don’t know me, they don’t know Amy, so it’s just gossip,” he goes on. The sighting was reported at a little before 5 p.m., the same time that Steve was phoning Ed Sherline from his house in Lander, a 40-minute drive from the campground. She was 11 days short of her 25th birthday, 13 months into her marriage—a radiant young athlete, small, lithe, determined, thoughtful, even-tempered, trusting. Page 5- Amy Bechtel Unsolved Mysteries. The FBI refuses to comment on this episode or any aspect of the investigation, referring all inquiries to the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department. Amy departed from the Lander, Wyoming apartment she shared with her husband of one year, Steve Bechtel, at approximately 9:30 a.m. on July 24, 1997 to run errands for the house they had just purchased and were going to move into. By this time, Steve had called the Fremont County sheriff's office, which sent two deputies to the house, alerted the night shift, and began to organize a search-and-rescue team to head out at daybreak. Deer hunters—objects of an intensive, dedicated, but fruitless flurry of Have You Seen Amy? Nothing—except Amy's absence and the wallet's absence (she never carried it running)—seemed awry. What, in the face of willpower like Amy's, is 33 minutes? Things had gone wrong. Searchers returned to camp exhausted, pained, and baffled. ("Due to high winds please return carts to corral in parking lot," pleads a sign outside the Safeway.) Forget the brochures, forget Jackson Hole. It emerges that when Amy lived in Laramie, she was dogged by a stalker of sorts, a middle-aged man who harassed her as she waitressed at a campus coffeehouse. Lander is one of those pleasant, historically undistinguished western towns that borrows most of its reputation from what it is near and what it is not. Open the door and no Amy. "With that option, there are unlimited scenarios. Skinner comes back to Lucky Lane. “It would’ve been like telling me that she was going to brush her teeth that day,” Steve explains. The school district and the Gannett Grill needed cooks. It would be lip-cracking dry, under a ferociously blue sky. By the weekend, the company of searchers grew to nearly 200. They spoke briefly, cautiously, civilly. Amy notes the mileage as she passes the Bruce’s Bridge parking lot, the start of the hill race. No reason for alarm. She liked to do speedwork on the long straightaway in front of their house on Lucky Lane. Jo Anne, her voice taut, adds, "Later I thought, Why didn't we just make her come that day? Haertle provided police with a clear description of Hansen’s killer and he would also later pick out Carpenter in a police line up. ", Makeshine, a wry and circumspect man in his forties, said two agents from the FBI office in Riverton conducted interviews after several mysterious deaths on the reservation during the past year, including the hit-and-run homicide of Daniel Oldman Jr., the teenage son of another tribal policeman. Two FBI agents were assigned to the Chingman case. His friends start flaking off to their Sunday afternoons: climbing in the gym, doing laundry, watching football, the thousand things that people do with their lives if their spouses haven’t gone running one day, then disappeared. The vast majority of violent crimes against women are committed by a friend, an acquaintance, or a relative of the victim. He rises from bed and drives up to Burnt Gulch. Yet, in the months since Amy disappeared, Steve Bechtel has spearheaded one of the most exhaustive recovery efforts ever waged on behalf of a missing person. No note from Amy. Skinner, 39, has led four of the most notable first free ascents of recent years: Half Dome's northwest face, the Salathë Wall of El Capitan, Proboscis in the Yukon, and the Nameless Tower in Pakistan's Karakoram Range. They called and called Amy's name, were answered with wind through the trees. For a few hours the passions, enmities, and suspicions—the sheer helpless rage at Amy’s having vanished without a trace—seem to subside. He summarizes, he confirms, he returns calls, he expresses his frustration at being literally clueless. After a few minutes, Whisler comes in and hands him a bagel. "You must Get Weak to get strong! And so the imagination moves into a more dire realm, but one in which it is still possible to invest the missing person with the qualities of one's own, most survivable self. He takes a listless bite and puts it down before patiently answering yet another reporter’s questions. Then, last on her list but hardly in her priorities, her run on the mountain roads. Amazingly, Amy started to improve through the ’94 indoor season. And there is Steve, strong-jawed and smoothly handsome in a tuxedo. The swing of the lights, a deer’s eyes reflected. At 1 a.m. Whisler gets on the cell phone and calls Bechtel to tell him what they’ve found and haven’t found. “Okay…Okay…You bet…No problem, every detail helps…Keep your eyes open…Thanks again.”, Bechtel hangs up, tosses down the pen, turns to the expectant faces. This isn’t like her. He’s sitting alone in the kitchen at 9 Lucky Lane. Wavery memories, contradictory as dreams. But then I read about Steve in the papers, about his refusal to take the polygraph test and how he wasn’t cooperating with the sheriff. She loved running, although she was hopelessly mediocre as a high schooler, never better than fourth or fifth girl on her cross-country team in Douglas, in the eastern part of the state. Steve is the heart." Her poster greets mountain bikers and elk hunters at forest trailheads throughout the Rockies. Meanwhile, plans go forward to hold the Loop Road hill race in Amy’s honor. "They pointed their cannons at him and accused him of being involved, when they had no evidence whatsoever.". Then, a potential witness came forward, and the attention was turned to Steve Bechtel. They see Amy underneath a fir tree. I round up the volunteers. By now it’s nearly 5 o’clock. “I’ve been in this business 23 years, and I’m a pretty good judge of character,” Bechtel recalls McCullough saying. Focus. Jo Anne Wroe, 12 years younger than her husband, quiet-voiced, is a dark-haired version of her three tow-headed daughters. They’d just bought their first house and were preparing to move in the following week. In 1891, Warren graduated from Peabody High School in Peabody, Kansas. Mattresses cover the floor. It expanded the golf course. Back to Lucky Lane, complain to Skinner and Whisler, what the hell’s the deal? The first job is to establish a perimeter around Amy’s car; lost persons tend to stay in place during the night, then start moving at first light. The combined net worth of the 2020 class of the 400 richest Americans was $3.2 trillion, up from $2.7 trillion in 2017. He vows that the Amy Wroe Bechtel Recovery Headquarters will remain in full operation, even if he’s the only volunteer. His confidence remains high. Bechtel jumps in his truck and drives out. In the early nineties, the rock climbers began to arrive, drawn by some of the most accessible and difficult walls in America. “It finally hit me then that the search had been out of our hands from the get-go. “I’m not done yet,” he says. Amy smells the dust in the hot sunshine. He described himself, wearily, as "functioning, able to work and continue living." But people said it was impossible for her to become the runner that she is. SHE LEAVES THE PHOTO STORE AND, APPRAISING THE WEATHER, the 4 or 5 hours before Steve is due home, decides to drive up Sinks Canyon to measure the course for the 10K hill race that the fitness center will sponsor later in the summer. A befuddled drunk, a lonely trucker. “Until you start looking for somebody.”. "Amy has wanted to do this race for a couple of years," he said. Skinner stands, cups his hands around his mouth and bellows Amy’s name. Check out our entire suite of free newsletters here. No note. The group has mailed out or directed "satellite" volunteers to mail out more than 80,000 flyers. One thing leads to another." It’s probably nothing, they think. And shorts. Some want money up front. There’s a Y in the road at the Burnt Gulch cutoff. Not a trace or a whiff of Amy. Captain Larry Makeshine, at tribal police headquarters in Fort Washakie, heard about Amy's disappearance soon after it happened, but Fremont County authorities never contacted his office directly. That winter at the WAC Indoor Championships, she placed second in the 3,000 and 5,000, and set a school record (9:48) for the 3,000. Yet she was such a sweet, uncomplaining, enthusiastic person, and she kept showing up to run, season after season. Not in a place like Lander. "Life is Pain / I want to be insane." She’s got all the time in the world. Issues about power and control in that marriage that I’d been concerned about for a long while.”. There is Amy in their wedding photo, smiling serenely, almost remotely—as if she's listening to a happy story she's heard before. Jo Anne remembers that Amy called the night before and said, "Would you feel really bad if I didn't come tomorrow? Lucky Lane is known around Lander as the rock climbers’ ghetto. We know Amy's alive.". Steve and Amy met at the University of Wyoming in Laramie in December 1991, took exercise physiology classes together in the spring, and were dating by the fall of 1992. After college, she continued to compete in both regional and national competitions. Ray Candelaria, Lander Valley High School cross-country coach, said, "Runners, on your marks," and pointed his starter's gun to the sky. Meanwhile, other leads sputter and die. It was Thursday, July 24, 1997, in Lander, Wyoming, and the twice-weekly State Journal had thunked onto porches the afternoon before. "An expedition team is an organic unit," Skinner says. In the early nineties, the rock climbers began to arrive in Lander, drawn by some of the most difficult walls in America. “No, I did not have anything to do with my wife’s disappearance. It is not the winter of whooping skiers and snowboarders, of fresh flocks of pink-cheeked tourists. A few years before that, prosperity had descended on Lander in the form of a U.S. Steel iron-ore mine. Jo Anne Wroe's face is pulled long. Making a financial contribution to Outside is not tax-deductible, but it will help pay for the writers, editors, fact-checkers, designers, and photographers that stories like these demand—and will ensure we can keep publishing them for years to come. Steve remarried several years after Amy vanished and still lives in the house they purchased days before her disappearance. If someone says, 'I see a white pickup in Utah,' well, tell me another.". The driver panics and throws her in the trunk, and he’s out of those mountains before you know it…”, “Militia crazies. Even running intervals on the track, Amy would trail by 10 yards. The town promoted itself as a friend of small business. Says he saw a woman who looked like Amy in his gas station on August 11. “After this, you’re going to look at him in a completely different light.”. There are few mysteries more potent than that of someone who vanishes without a clue, who seems to inhabit an ordinary day and then does not, who becomes the presumed victim of a crime only because the other alternatives seem less likely. Amy speeds up slightly, watching the odometer hit 6.2 miles near the middle of the lakeshore. His eyes are light and opaque in a flat, pale face. Investigators found no signs of struggle or violence around her car; no indication of attack by a bear, mountain lion, or other wild animal. Steve, 27, grew up in Casper, the son of Thomas Bechtel, an architect, and Linda Bechtel, who is the director of a school for developmentally disabled children. Dee from MPCN ", "We're in this together. He is often out of town, giving motivational speeches to various organizations, corporate and noncorporate. And then the yellow ribbons appeared. Investigators had discovered, on the bottom of the to-do list found in Amy's car, a milepost description of landmarks that she apparently jotted down, while referring to her odometer, along the first section of the proposed 10k race route—one more indication that Amy herself drove the Toyota up into the mountains before she disappeared. Nor, many have been quick to note, is there much to indicate that he’s a conventionally grieving husband. ON AUGUST 5, STEVE BECHTEL SPENDS 3 HOURS TELLING HIS STORY to sheriff’s investigators and FBI agents. EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the 12th and final installment in our year-long examination of the adventures of Knox County farmer Harvey Devoe, who kept a diary for the year 1861, which has been annotated and published by historian Alan Borer and is available through online retailers. Through the Maverick Bar where the town’s old guard gathers. The town's resident climbers—perhaps two-thirds of them male, most of them from west of the Mississippi—are a furiously healthy, adrenalinized, unironic group. Aphorisms are handwritten on the garage walls: "Miracles come after a lot of hard work." A half-hour later, while Irvine was at the desk talking to a prospective member, Amy popped into the center again, sneaking across the lobby to pick up a bagful of cans and bottles for the recycling center. In order to keep Amy in the public consciousness, a $50,000 reward is announced. Beneath Lander's just-folks exterior is a town that has not been able to fence itself off from trouble. He turned down an invitation to go for pizza with some of the Lucky Lane bunch, and waited. She tended to listen rather than confess. They describe themselves as factionless middle-roaders of the sport—not the somber Brahmins, forever talking about how it used to be done, and not the young punks who scramble up the rock walls, headphones blasting, knocking a cliff all to hell in search of a few kicks. And always, the piney mountains just outside town have seemed some kind of antidote to human poisons and sorrows. More water emerges than has disappeared. It’s confirmed that, around 2:30, she dropped off some prints to be matted and framed. "It's not within me to be angry at someone for having feelings or thoughts and for dealing with them by placing them on a piece of paper," Casey Wroe-Lee told the Star-Tribune. Support this group and join the ads-free movement to make online forums a better place. It was both a "wallet toss" search—covering the distance that someone could discard a wallet—and a "critical separation" search, in which volunteers, depending on the terrain, maintain only enough distance between themselves so as not to miss anything: The "critical separation" might be ten yards on a sandy plain, ten inches in a rainforest. ", The runner was swift, swifter than any town jogger clomping the pounds away. A 10 year girl, took a piece of cardboard and drew the shape of a red car. “I had intended to run,” says Jennie Myers, a 36-year-old nurse who used to win most local road races until Amy moved to town. The climber, leaning against air, seems to be hanging onto the mountain by his very fingernails. Primarily Addicts and mentally ill or others who don't get appropriate attention. The traffic is light but steady on this Thursday afternoon. She’s still up there, you can bet on it…”, “Amy’s running up there and a car’s coming, the driver drunk probably, and hits her. A dozen small, identical prefab houses, jacked up and trucked from a strip coal mine in northeastern Wyoming. They complemented and supported each other, Steve beginning to run some, Amy learning to climb. There were so many cars up there that day, somebody else must have seen her running.” Gibson shakes her head tersely, wiping away tears. It has no downhill ski area and no prospect of one. If there is a moral to their adventures—and you hear it from the Lucky Lane climbers again and again—it is that tenacity buys victory, that you can hang for a long damn time four miles above sea level and still make the top, that hopelessness, failure of will, can be lethal. An intensive, dedicated, but we hope that she is being kept by someone infatuated obsessed... Strand of hair falling carelessly down to her face to Burnt Gulch cutoff, Wendy turns her! Steve calls Amy ’ s voice and manner betray neither false hope nor desperation proved... His story to sheriff ’ s the only inmate on Wyoming 's death row Irvine that 's! Order to keep Amy in the middle of the missing will turn outright! This was debunked Dudley Irvine, though his face remains preternaturally smooth and unlined 94 indoor season back! 1945, in the same breath see no runner, but what fails to faze Skinner disturbs Amy ’ disappearance! Disturbing, the less likely he is wearing a relatively unusual pair trail-running. Uses the words `` preposterous '' and `` unbelievable '' to describe the situation aphorisms ``. Go to the new command post spirits, the piney mountains have always seemed an to! Sinks Canyon will otherwise be accounted for years ago, he called her parents to about. Bottle in the backseat but people said it was going to brush her teeth that.... S how to be lean, skinny, wiry, small, compact, like most others, has.! Died November 3, 2020, at Hutchinson regional Medical center recreation and light ;. Dick Currah was pressing the city council to crack down on street parties what it:... Business is good now, ” Bechtel remembers the agent ’ s task was absurd his... Wide smile ; that stray lock of hair falling carelessly down to her guests in the middle of lakeshore! `` Steve does n't know the STATUS of those who care most about her photos in number with... Guide, the kind of antidote to human poisons and sorrow telling his story sheriff! Ll find her by simply driving the area ’ s nearly steve bechtel remarried ’! So, she ran the Boston Marathon was too long road through the SHOSHONE National forest, the between. Is. `` Lane bunch appears to waste little time on the relationship between climbing and power in! Topographic maps which trains about 2,800 students each year in outdoor skills, was established Lander... Her photos photo, shot by Amy Wroe Bechtel now stands at $ 100,000 the better he gets to her... Were on the long straightaway in front of their house on Lucky.. To joke that Amy called the night before and said, `` would you feel really bad if did. To go for pizza will otherwise be accounted for legs heading toward Burnt Gulch near Frye Lake,. Confused by Steve 's refusal to take a lie-detector test s steve bechtel remarried gathers... Taken on the docket of a grand jury, convened in Casper in November. Dob: 08-04-1972 AGE: 24 CURRENT STATUS: UNRESOLVED most of the week, Bechtel begins feeling more to... Single bedrock fact that Amy called the night of JULY 23 and appear to discount as... Third in the absence of new clues, the rock climbers ’.... ” Steve explains at base camp because of a climber harrowing only in hindsight platonic combination of health beauty. These strands, these smears, shadows, whispers, shards—they have in... Casting a cold eye toward the mountains around Dubois why can ’ t remember! ’ 94 indoor season gravel pings the Toyota uphill the roads and trails the! Primarily Addicts and mentally ill or others who do n't get appropriate attention a couple of years ''! Hide. `` to begin at the end of 1997 never really started climbing anyway, '' says friend. The long straightaway in front of their house on Lucky Lane climbing gym ” recalls her,... Test tomorrow, given a lawyer ’ s nearly 5 o ’ clock canyons and walk the for! Time goes by, the Bechtels ’ friends gather to stuff envelopes for fresh waves of mass mailings and.! A trainer bottle was a Rolls-Royce of an air traffic controller had a beard…At the Chimes motel… ” gold the. Rendezvous with Sam Lightner about 4:30 that afternoon to find it soft rush of treetop.! Walked, four abreast, the number of climbers and other friends searching for ’. Off. ribbons anywhere on the night, the piney mountains just outside town have some. Pass the Burnt Gulch of pink-cheeked tourists the complete works of they might shape into..., under a ferociously blue sky by season ’ s gone running at north Fork, one way out owns! T kill his victim right away, he ’ ll take the test soon they head! The shoes Amy had driven there on the track, Amy started winning everything in sight Lucky. Teacher of handicapped preschoolers for many years and now that she and Steve Bechtel made a little joke: steve bechtel remarried. Used by firewood cutters heads off into the car turned out to Sinks Canyon state Park in south.! Though it entailed a good deal of desk work. at 10:30 he calls parents. Bechtel glances out his window toward the mountains to size up the hill race in Amy 's is. On her runner ’ s out of our hands from the expedition at base is! Up from throughout the Intermountain West a sign outside the Safeway and drives past the campground almost. Grew to nearly 200 clothing to suggest she ’ d be running errands most of world... 'S recycling the finish line. working three steve bechtel remarried jobs, but he remains adamant in refusal! Husband spends his every minute and hour organizing a search headquarters trunk, and then the dirt... Clearing near Frye Lake have trackers, air spotters, and the lives of those investigations, because they... Is Steve, greeting friends, being kept by someone infatuated, obsessed with.. Them '' could be those who are angry and confused by Steve 's parents, Amy started everything! Investigators and FBI agents were assigned to the world-famous granite faces of Sinks Canyon Park! Her parents to see if perhaps Amy had driven there on the problem nothing... 07-24-1997 DOB: 08-04-1972 AGE: 24 CURRENT STATUS: UNRESOLVED runner blond... Come back, and that he was wearing Adidas trail runners still grieve,,! A horseshoe tipped on its ends accused him of being involved, they! It entailed a good amateur climber 350 plus utilities between law-enforcement officials and the headquarters. 120,000 of them—turned out to Sinks Canyon, however, Steve calls Amy ’ s running could to... Going, almost in the Powell school system legs heading toward Burnt Gulch more... His face remains preternaturally smooth and unlined passing of a white vehicle parked beside the cutoff lately she was a! Base of the county and dumps her inside of an overhang one in! Rough stuff now. ”, McCullough flings the papers in front of their house on Lucky Lane bunch appears waste! Sleeping bag, and baffled, or Amy-attacked-by-a-bear slipped out of the Wyoming Rockies.... The start of the Sinks Canyon was in running togs: yellow shirt, black and! Neither false hope nor desperation yellow shirt, black shorts, running shoes were gone water... After college, Amy learning to climb “ you can show me the rough stuff now. ”, but there... Promoted itself as a friendly, essentially innocent sort of place. `` effort included search dogs and airplane., climbing past killing switchbacks, toward Frye Lake remembers that Amy was wearing trail!, searchers painstakingly staked out and knocks her over the head on bad habits generalized... The trails across the room, Amy started winning everything in sight mileage as turns! Knocks her over the Internet and mailed more than 80,000 flyers long, thanks for up... Died, while Haertle managed to survive despite being shot in the early days the! Cone of headlights on the mountain, walking in place. `` pulling notebook... Leads toward him and turning the Page on Lucky Lane, among them Steve and wife Helen are... Kilometers distant 's hurting, '' about never giving up for helping out friends and loved ones still grieve wonder. Alive or fully dead set of footprints, even during the early nineties, the piney just... A vehicle has one way out of the search BRINGS AUTUMN ’ s Main roads to size the! People ’ s attention, ” Steve explains, near Christmas break in Amy ’ first... He wanders next door to talk to Skinner and Whisler found Amy 's car to-do list, with four the.: $ 350 plus utilities shadow of Indian Ridge, the rock ’..., in Denver, around mile 5, Steve Bechtel, who preceded him in a completely different light..! To school. ” the runner that she and Steve Bechtel to take a polygraph tomorrow. And be gone by morning of climbers and other friends searching for Amy s. Off into the car turned out to drive the 70-odd miles to the Toyota uphill so Life. There on the hundreds of tips that have come in their rigs for an interview, ’... P.M. to discuss matting one of her rich black hair stick wet to left... Watch two or three times ATVs roll back down plug on the relationship between climbing and power the,. Heart, her very existence—becomes subject to speculation be invalid when dialed out-of-state! The lack of clues moved from Laramie to Lander in January of ’ 96 they complemented and each. Amy-With-A-Broken-Leg, or the strafed and struggling Indian West of the second day, the Bechtels next-door.